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Our Services

Photo of a mnother and daughter of 5 years old with puckered lips leaning against each other..

Parent Consultation
Family Member Consultation

We offer consultation about the mental health and functioning of your child or family member diagnosed with Tourette, tic disorder, anxiety, depression, psychosis spectrum disorder, bipolar spectrum disorder. or other difficulty within our scope of expertise. 

We provide supportive and attentive listening, asking questions  to understand your loved one's strengths and difficulties.

Typical goals of these consultations include:

  • Psychoeducation provided about these disorders and your questions answered

  • Support in managing the challenges of parenting or living with someone diagnosed with these disorders

  • Guidance toward services to address your loved one’s difficulties

  • Helpful for understanding issues, clarifying concerns, developing a plan and coordinating services

  • Support with advocating for your loved one

  • Help with referrals in the community 

Contact us for more information.

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