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Thérapie de groupe

pour Anxiété et dépression

Groupe virtuel de 8 semaines

en anglais

Because many people who struggle with anxiety or depression, in fact struggle with symptoms of a variety of anxious or depressive disorders, the typical therapy approach of tackling only one problem at a time can be a real obstacle to recovery.

So how are we able to tackle both anxiety and depression in a single therapy group? Because, believe it or not,  although they seem very different, these disorders have more in common than differences! 


At their core, anxiety disorders and depressive disorders all arise out of a tendency to experience emotions more intense, more often, and as more distressing than someone without these disorders. Because of this, people tend to think and behave in certain ways to try and manage or control these experiences, but these strategies tend to backfire.

This 8-session group targets the factors that are common to both anxiety and depression. Through interactive exercises and discussion, you will:

  • Develop a new understanding of emotions that will help you make sense of them

  • Learn skills for tolerating and even reducing big emotions that can threaten to overwhelm

  • Understand how your attempts to cope might be making you feel even more anxious and depressed

  • Practice mindfulness skills and cultivate self-compassion

  • Take action to improve your motivation
  • Learn techniques for managing some of the thoughts and behaviors that interfere with your happiness

  • Develop personalized coping strategies that will improve your well-being and help you to reengage with your life!

This group will be co-facilitated by psychologist Kelly Ann Cartwright and clinical counselor Nora Polisena, who each have over 20 years of experience in the mental health and counseling fields. Insurance receipts (psychologist or registered clinical counselor) will be provided.

At Lakeshore Psychology & Wellness Centre, we are culturally responsive, neurodiversity-affirming, and LGBTQ-positive. We look forward to meeting you!

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Jour et heure

Mardis 18h30 à 20h30


3 oct au 28 nov 2023

En congé l'halloween (mardi 31 octobre)






650,00 $

Les places sont limitées

Des reçus d'assurance seront fournis

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